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Integrate optilyz with your CRM or Marketing Cloud

Use behavioral data to integrate direct mail
into your customer journeys

optilyz adds print touchpoints to your marketing strategy to easily
engage with your customers at the right time

Automate recurring campaigns or take it one step further using direct mail in your cross-channel marketing strategy

Connect your CRM or Marketing Cloud with optilyz


Setup a direct mail automation in optilyz


Design customer journeys in your CRM

optilyz ↔ Emarsys

  • Build a true one-to-one interaction between marketers and customers and add another option to your email marketing.

  • Leverage the full potential of direct mail and run highly segmented campaigns.

  • Automate your recurring dispatches and add print touch points to your customer journeys in just a few clicks.

Integration with Emarsys

optilyz ↔ Salesforce

  • Activate optilyz in only a few clicks through AppExchange and broaden your marketing to include physical touch points.

  • Take advantage of personalized direct mail campaigns to increase your success, including 1-to-1 picture personalization.

  • Automate recurring mailings in Journey Builder and extend your cross channel marketing reach.

Integration with Salesforce

optilyz ↔ CrossEngage

  • Create complex customer segmentation in just a few clicks to efficienlty and quickly plan your campaigns.

  • Benefit from the Journey Builder to set up specific campaigns to target the right customer segments.

  • Combine online marketing with direct mail and easily add print touch points to your customer journeys.

Integration with CrossEngage

optilyz ↔ Apteco

  • With Apteco FastStats you can analyze large volumes of customer transaction data to identify targeted segments.

  • Design and automate your multi-stage campaigns with Apteco PeopleStage.

  • Integrate physical mailings in your multi-channel campaigns with the optilyz interface directly from PeopleStage.

Integration with Apteco

optilyz ↔ Dymatrix

  • Benefit from a direct connection of optilyz to DynaCampaign by seamlessly using your valuable customer data for postal marketing.

  • Use DynaCampaign to effortlessly add physical mailings to your customer journey as a powerful additional touchpoint in just a few clicks.

  • Address your customers with relevant content and actively shape your customer relationship through direct mail.

Integration with Dymatrix

optilyz ↔ Exponea

  • Integrate optilyz into Exponea to seamlessly use your valuable customer data for postal marketing.

  • Use the omnichannel Customer Journey Designer to add print touchpoints to your customer journeys in just a few clicks.

  • Improve the customer experience using uniform communication across all channels - always reaching your customers at the right time with the right mailing.

Integration with Exponea

“optilyz saves us significant cost and time”

You are not using a CRM? Build your own integration

Use our API for a custom integration

optilyz offers a seamless way to connect with your customer data base using our cutting edge REST API. Our API allows you to further customize your optilyz experience. Check our API documentation.

Rest API

Secure data transfer using an SFTP server or Amazon S3

Benefit from a highly secure and flexible way to transfer your data to optilyz. You can either use your own SFTP server or AWS S3 storage or we can provide you with a secure storage solution.

Remote storage

Start to automate your direct mail with optilyz